A League of Bricks

(Intro to HOB/Video)

House of Bricks Girl Gang. No scratch that. We aren't girls. Well we are girls, these 4 illustrious tings are my girls for life. But we, we are growing and "girls" is so elementary. We are women, young ladies. Ahhh yes, ladies! A Lady League. We are House of Bricks Lady League!

The name was chosen well before we established a plan of action, goals, mission, and that jazz but the selection process is crucial to the story. See my friends and I aren't just anybody to me, we are somebody and five of the dopest somebodies that could bless the creative universe. Enough about us, wait...technically it's all about us, right?

It is, but more importantly it's about what we came to do. House of Bricks Lady League of Creatives is a creative agency focused on promoting and acknowledging creative femininity through memorable events, incomparable content, and preservation of the creative culture. We met in undergrad and our friendship has stood the test of time and distance, that is until I relocated to New York to pursue a career in media management. I know you're thinking great story, bro. It is, to me. But in order to make it a great story to those who weren't in on it, I wanted to figure out how to tell our story in the most entertaining and creative way. And ah it hit. A promo video. We would release a promo video prior to launching our passion project and everyone would love it and support us. A girl can dream, no?

So it was a plan, well a plan to start planning the plan. I sat down with Girl Ryann, our Styling Specialist, and ran the idea by her. We brainstormed, we grappled with different ideas. Sometimes our urge to be different and creative can overpower our sense of reality and appreciation of what's right in front of us. And it wasn't until halfway through our meeting that we realized, they best way to tell our story is to just tell it. All we had to do was capture the true story. A year old story that is. Simple enough, right? Eh yes and no.

We ran the idea passed the rest of the ladies and everyone loved it. We reminisced on different important parts of the story, and laughed about our memorable moments from that first night. Kendra, our Creative Project Manager, planned the shoot from start to finish. And a few months, a professional camera crew, a makeup artist, a styling session and a 48+ hour shoot later, our brother agency, HiGrade Multimedia, shot our promo video turned short film. We told the story of how I traveled hours to arrive at my best friends' apartment in Brooklyn, how as soon as I arrived we pre-gamed got dressed and went to our friends Boogie's Birthday party, how we partied and danced all night long, how we traveled back home and had know idea what the next few years would hold for us but we knew that we were happy to be together, and that together we were unstoppable. It's an ongoing vision and ongoing effort, but our story...it's a constant reminder that House of Bricks is here. So enjoy the ride and check out video here.

- Iimani