Team Work Makes The Dream Work

After a long day of strategizing, scouting and agreeing to disagree the vision we all created comes to light with a few T's crossed and I's dotted, our master plan becomes reality.

Weekly meetings are arranged to keep the wheels turning. We conjure ideas from inspirations that we collect through our daily expenditures and inspired looks by our League's stylist Girl Ryann. We pull together hot summer looks to strut as HiGrade's photographer Lavell Wells follows us through the industrious streets of Bushwick. While capturing the attention of bystanders we meet a few creatives and talent right in our area, from singers to actresses, and boutique owners our presence is accepted by the locals and we greatly enjoy the small talk.

Our favorite encounter I must say was Joshua, one of the three owners of Troll House; A Pro-intersectional feminist, queer, small business located inside the Mermaid Laundromat in Bushwick. Specializing in exclusive items such as tie -dye undies for the feminine cycle, chapbooks, printed matter created by other feminists + adult gifts like rose quartz kegel balls, silicone enema bulbs, and classic video head cleaners.that will blow your mind. Their  store is also open to locals like yourselves that are looking for publishing and simply a place to sale your items.

Meeting new people is symbiotic but even superior when you’re with your clique.