I know you're all probably thinking "Did they really just launch a digital media platform?!"

That's the same thing I was thinking as we all prepared for the day. There was a ton of planning, pre-work and sweat poured into making this event a success.

You have to think to yourself, " what is the first step to making an event a success?” Of course, there's a list of things to take care of like purchasing food and beverages, securing a venue and choosing decorations. While the tangible items are extremely important, we also had to give marketing an exceptional amount of consideration—creating a campaign for social media, brand awareness, and invitations. So with a growing list of must haves the women of HOB went to work, each assigned a role, each excited to begin this new journey!

I was in charge of locking in the venue which happened to work in our favor because we used my place of work, Harlem Cycle. Harlem Cycle is a Black-owned boutique cycling studio offering yoga, pilates, and cycling classes as an option. The space is unique and intimate, and the owner offered us full access! The best part of the venue was the huge brick wall on the inside of the studio. We just knew this was the perfect location for the House of Bricks Launch Party!

So we locked in the space and gathered everything we needed for our grand event. From balloons to wine to polaroids to cookies, our to-do list kept growing! We all worked to perfect the aesthetics and the flow of the event, knowing that this would be the best event we've had so far!

9:00am : Everyone is up and prepping themselves for this special moment. I was actually very nervous because what I had in my mind to wear was just not working out. Also, we needed balloons and streamers, All I could think was “ ahhhhhhhh, how can we get everything done most effectively?!”  

The show had to go on, nerves in all! Ken, Eb, and myself grab the decor, Iimani took care of the drinks, and Ryan picked up the sound system and the DJ. We all arrived at Harlem Cycle at 4:00pm. From that point on it was total girl power mode We set the space together and our first guest arrived on time but we were not dressed and seriously took to the bathroom in the essence of KBRICK and totally did make-up,hair and dressed.

You’re thinking “ total madness.. Right?” well it was actually smooth and honestly I think that had to do with the fact that we have been in much smaller bathrooms rushing to get ready (LOL).

As the crowd started to slowly pour in, each Lady of the League rotated stations and played host to our guest. We all looked stunning despite our rushed wardrobes and we all had a sense of excitement which populated the atmosphere and created just the energy we needed. As I looked around I thought to myself, wow we really pulled this off, as if I had doubts it couldn't be done. All five of us put our creativity, intellect, and total dopeness together and showed the NYC who House of Bricks was and what we will be.

The highlighting moments was the short film we created and viewed at the event, the postcard station, the snack bar, and lastly the laughs and feedback we received from our unapologetic group of supporters. It goes without saying that we were thankful to have the turn out we received.  

Looking back now, June 25th, 2016 seems so far away and we have done much more since then. From building our foundation and finding our space in NYC. the Support continues to grow and the collaboration opportunities have begin to soar. You know that saying “if you build it, they will come?” Well, it's true! We provided a platform for locals to experience our creative expertise and the universe has provided us with the clientele. We will continue to provide you with the ever so dope aspects of this girl gang.

See you at the next event!



ChaTiqua Saige